VIP Program

About the Rewarding Panel VIP Program

If you give more, shouldn't you get more? We think so. That's why we have developed our VIP Program. It's how we reward those who go above and beyond by completing most or all surveys received.

Our VIP program gives something extra to our most loyal members, like chances to win 1,000 or even 30,000 EGP in cash.

This is in addition to the reward points for the surveys you take.

It's easy to become a VIP

Complete at least 5 surveys over three months and you're a VIP for that quarter and get to participate in the quarterly draw for four cash prizes worth  1,000 EGP each. There are four quarters each calendar year: November-January, February-April, May-July and August-October.

If you maintain your VIP status for at least 2 quarters during a year (not necessarily consecutive quarters), you qualify to take part in the Annual 30,000 EGP Cash Draw!

How do you know if you're a VIP?

We determine your VIP status each quarter and automatically enter you in any contests for which you are eligible. We also notify you via email shortly after the end of each quarter to let you know whether you've achieved VIP status.

If you lose your VIP status in one quarter, don't worry. You can qualify again the next quarter. Just continue to take surveys and we'll do the rest.